Giải đề Writing Task 2 – Living alone

Dưới đây là bài mẫu cho topic “Living alone” trong Writing Task 2. Các bạn hãy cùng tham khảo nhé.

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In some countries, many people are choosing to live alone nowadays than in the past. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Sample – Bài mẫu

From a world that used to revolve around male leaders and breadwinners, today has seen the shift in marital orientation, with many choosing to live on their own. While it is true that this trend could be called an “issue” in countries with birth gender imbalance, it is, in a more liberal view, a positive move toward greater personal independence and equality between 2 sexes.

As our society gradually adopts the notion that female and male are made equal in every senses, it has also become widely acceptable that each individual can survive on their own resources without the need of relying on the opposite sex for finance or making off-springs. This is particularly feasible when the circumstances have given people the chance to improve their own living standards regardless of social background or genders. By opting for being the sole provider for themselves, people of the new generation have claimed complete control over their own life and defying obsolete social standards that each needs his/her family to fall back on and have children. For example, a single person can adopt orphans or utilize the latest technology to fertilize her egg with a donor’s sperms to have children, without the presence of a significant other.

The fact that a great proportion of young people choose to live independently only proves that the stereotype for homemakers to be male are now uncontroversially challenged. If this had happened in the past, female figures would have been believed to be under great impact following this trend: they would have had to supply their own needs without the support of a partner. Only in recent time is this untrue, taking into accounts that the “weaker” sex is getting the same career promotions as men in almost all industries. Women have proven that they are capable of achieving a comparable level of job satisfaction and security as their opposite sex, therefore having the means to provide for themselves: something that they have been fighting for since the beginning of history.

In sum, the state in which many choose to live alone without a partner is not a setback for human history but in the opposite, a foundation for sexual equality. Not only does it allow greater responsibilities for individual citizens, it also clears the outdated expectations that female are to be reliant on men.

(sample by Ms. Nguyen Nhung, 8.0 IELTS)

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Vocabulary Highlight

  • breadwinner (n) trụ cột gia đình
  • marital orientation (n) xu hướng hôn nhân
  • gender imbalance (n) mất cân bằng giới tính
  • liberal view (n) cách nhìn khai phóng
  • to adopt the notion: chấp nhận quan điểm
  • feasible = possible (adj) khả thi
  • sole provider (n) nguồn thu nhập chính
  • to defy obsolete social standards (n) thách thức các tiêu chuẩn cổ hủ
  • significant other = partner (n) người yêu, bạn đời
  • stereotype (n) khuôn mẫu
  • under great impact: chịu ảnh hưởng nặng nề
  • the “weaker” sex (n) phái yếu
  • comparable level (n) mức độ tương đương
  • since the beginning of history (phrase) từ thuở sơ khai
  • sexual equality (n) bình đẳng giới
  • to clear the outdated expectations: phá bỏ các quan niệm lạc hậu
  • to be reliant on = to rely on

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