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Dưới đây là hai cách trả lời mẫu cho chủ đề Dreams IELTS Speaking Part 1 đến từ thầy Thành Trung và thầy Thế Quang – Giáo viên tại The IELTS Workshop. Bạn đọc có thể tham khảo bài mẫu phù hợp với bản thân mình nhé.

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Dreams | Question & Answers

1. Can you remember the dream you had?

Sample 1: As far as I’m concerned, some research has shown that you tend to forget most of the dreams you had, so it’s pretty challenging for me to remember them. That said, once in a while, I do recall the details in my dreams, especially if it’s a wonderful dream or in contrast, a horrible nightmare.

  • challenging: khó khăn
  • nightmare: ác mộng

Sample 2: Yes, but only fractions of the dreams. I can’t seem to recall the whole dream! For example, sometimes I do remember some faces in the dream, but forget what happened.

  • fractions of ~ bits and pieces: 1 chút

2. Do you share your dreams with others?

Sample 1: To be honest, I don’t do that very often. I’m quite an introvert so I have a tendency to keep things to myself, including the dreams that I had. I consider them to be a part of my private life. I only tell others about my dreams once in a blue moon if they involve those people.

  • a horrible nightmare: cơn ác mộng khủng khiếp
  • introvert: người hướng nội
  • once in a blue moon: thỉnh thoảng

Sample 2: Only when I have really interesting or scary dreams. I dreamt about being chased by zombies one time, and it was absolutely terrifying! I told my friend and surprisingly he used to have similar dreams. I guess that’s because we’ve watched so many horror movies.

  • terrifying: very scary

3. Do you think dreams have special meanings?

Sample 1: Definitely. I believe dreams can reflect our state of mind at the moment. When we feel stressed or anxious, the dreams can be quite nightmarish, so they serve as a warning for us to take care of our mental health. On the other hand, it’s pretty usual to dream about our crush as they are the person that we think of the most during the day.

  • reflect our state of mind: phản ánh tâm trí chúng ta
  • nightmarish (adj): ghê gớm như ác mộng
  • take care of our mental health: chăm sóc sức khỏe tinh thần

Sample 2: Definitely! Dreams can be meaningful both spiritually and psychologically. If a pregnant woman dreams about a dragon or a boy, it is believed that she might deliver a boy soon! Or, if you dream about having a party, it means that you are under a lot of pressure at work/ school, according to psychologists.

  • spiritually and psychologically: tâm linh và tâm lý

4. Do you want to make your dream come true?

Sample 1: Honestly, I don’t really think much about that because I’m not an ambitious person. I don’t have any specific aspiration in my life and just go with the flow instead of putting in effort to make my wish a reality. That said, I know some people who are really inspirational as they are very passionate about realizing their dreams.

  • ambitious: nhiều khát vọng
  • go with the flow: kệ dòng đời đưa đẩy
  • realizing their dreams: hiện thực hóa ước mơ

Sample 2: If it’s a sweet dream, then yes! I used to dream that I could fly! And I mean if it became reality, I’d  be thrilled to bits!

  • thrilled to bits: very happy

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