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Tham khảo sample answer và vocabulary cho chủ đề Happiness trong IELTS Speaking Part 3 từ thầy Đặng Trần Tùng (9.0 IELTS Overall, 9.0 IELTS Speaking).

Bài mẫu (Sample Answer)

1. How important is money to our happiness?

Well, given that living costs today have become prohibitive, money is indeed very important. Having said that, I don’t think money is the sole factor that foverns our level of contentment – there are other things that are just crucial. For example, for many of us, we no only want to have a well-paying job, but also one that makes us creatively fulfilled. Having a sense of purpose and a rewarding relationship with our spouse and family are also among the things that contribute to our happiness, in my opinion.

2. Do you think we feel happy when we make other people happy?

Absolutely. I believe that collective happiness is every bit as important as individual happiness. Wen we make other people’s lives better, we ourself feel a sense of satisfaction. That’s why people give to charity or do voluntary work. So we shouldn’t be too consumed with our own pursuit of happiness, but also, in some small ways, bring joy to others as well. That, for me, is the utopian image of society.

3. Are we responsible for other people’s happiness?

It’s true that sometimes we feel obligated to make those around us happy. But I don’t think we should get too hung up on pleasing people. It is unhealthy, and some people may take advantage of that and guilt trip us into doing things they want. So if you have someone in your life who is always upset with you no matter how hard you try to make them happy, it is a toxic relationship and you should confront them about that.

Từ vựng (Vocabulary Highlight)

  • living costs have become prohibitive: chi phí sống ngày càng đắt đỏ
  • the sole factor that governs our level of contentment: yếu tố duy nhất chi phối sự hạnh phúc của chúng ta
  • creatively fulfilled: thoả mãn sức sáng tạo
  • to have a sense of purpose: có mục đích trong đời
  • collective happiness: hạnh phúc số đông
  • to be consumed with sth: quá đắm chìm vào cái gì đó
  • the pursuit of happiness: sự theo đuổi hạnh phúc
  • the utopian image of society: xã hội hoàn hảo
  • to get hung up on sth: bận tâm về việc gì
  • to guilt trip sb: làm ai cảm thấy có lỗi
  • a toxic relationship: một mối quan hệ không tốt

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