Describe a newspaper – Bài mẫu và từ vựng IELTS Speaking Part 2

describe a newspaper

Không khó để gặp chủ đề Describe a magazine/newspaper you often read hay Describe a magazine/newspaper that you like to read trong phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 2. The IELTS Workshop sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn cách để khai thác chủ đề này tốt nhất, để ghi điểm trong mắt giám khảo nhé.

Từ vựng và cấu trúc Describe a newspaper

Thầy Duy Long (8.5 overall) giải mã đề Describe a newspaper

Từ vựng Newspaper

  • powerhouse (n): ông lớn (của một mảng/ngành nào đó)
  • opinion editorial (op-ed): bài xã luận (thường do độc giả đóng góp, mang màu sắc quan điểm cá nhân)
  • periodical (n): báo/tạp chí xuất bản định kì
  • coverage (n): mật độ thông tin (về một sự kiện nào đó)
  • readership (n) số độc giả của tạp chí

Cấu trúc Describe a newspaper

  • So out of the newspaper/websites I subscribe to, I would personally….
  • I find…. a reliable source of news
  • I gained tremendous understanding through reading…
  • The newspaper has presented some…. articles…

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Bài mẫu Describe a newspaper

Describe a magazine or newspaper you often read
You should say:
What the newspaper is
What it is about
How often you read it
and explain why you like to read it.

Well first of all, being a university graduate with major in media and socio-cultural communication, it should come as no surprise that reading newspapers is something I have to do on a daily basis, just to keep myself updated of global events. But the problem is, I find buying printed newspapers a real hassle, because my hectic schedules wouldn’t allow me to travel to a news stand in wrap. And that’s where the online news come in. So out of the websites that I subscribe to, I would personally put The New York Times on top of the list.
Now I guess introducing to you what The New York Times is would be awfully redundant, since you would’ve probably been too familiar with how powerful and influential it is. The New York Times is one of the powerhouses of the publishing industry, with around 3 million total subscriptions for its online format, if I’m not mistaken, which I think quite impressive.
So, the reason why I chose to pay an annual subscription fee for The New York Times, is because I find it to be a very reliable source of news. Well, I believe that The New York Times has presented some of the most accurate and deepest articles, as well as opinion editorials you can find about US and foreign events. And on top of that, what I think sets The New York Times apart from other periodicals is the fact that it has super intense coverage on any particular matter. In fact, during my thesis research on Trump’s use of social media platforms – particularly Twitter – I gained tremendous understanding of the topic through reading dozens and even hundreds of articles presented on The New York Times. And I was really grateful for that!
Now, in another aspect, I would say that the subscription fee of The New York Times can be quite discouraging for some people. I mean to pay a few dollars per month for an online edition of news can be quite expensive for some people. I would totally comprehend that but at same time, judging from my own experience, I think for only that amount of money for the readership on The New York Times would be so invaluable and would not disappoint you.