Describe an ideal job you’d like to do in the future | IELTS Speaking Part 2

Dưới đây là câu trả lời mẫu cho Topic: Describe an ideal job you’d like to do in the future trong bộ đề IELTS Speaking part 2. Hãy cùng tham khảo cách diễn đạt cùng một số tips để trả lời dưới đây. 

Describe an ideal job you’d like to do in the future

You should say

What it is?
How you knew it?
What it is like?
And explain why you think it is perfect?

Câu trả lời mẫu (Sample Answer)

When I used to be a child, I had this image of me being a professional at the workplace, running between cubicles, typing restlessly and having discussions with my colleagues (pouring creativity). The job that I have today is not so far from that, and it is also the type of career that most people would want for their life, which is a decent office job.

My concept of an ideal occupation has 3 components: First, it has to provide(for you and your family). Second of all, it should be located in a nice looking location, and finally, I need a good environment that nurtures growth and equality

– The first and foremost aspect of any occupation has got to be its pay. As eager to learn person as I am, I cannot deny that the first thing I look at when I see a job offer is the amount of salary that the company is willing to pay me. I think it is me being practical instead of materialistic.

– Talking about locations, wouldn’t it be nice if you can make a living and enjoy your time at work at the same time? A nice workplace is a must when it comes to creativity and solutions. Imagine this: You were a marketer and you are tasked with coming up with amazing ideas for the next launch of a new product. What’s worse if now you are placed inside of a very dimly lit room, with plain walls and a boring set-up. You can imagine! 

Hence suffice it to say that I love a well laid out place so that my mind can freely function without being hindered by any external factors. 

– Last but not least, an excellent learning environment is what everyone automatically thinks of when it comes to a dream job I think. And it’s understandable you know? Once upon a time, I came across this psychology paper that suggests that one of the most important facets of a human’s core value is the need to grow intellectually. I think in life very few people would be satisfied with a job that is repetitive and requires them to do the same thing over and over again. And even then, they wouldn’t be too happy about it. Moreover, personal development is essential to future promotion so I assume learning and progressing in the corporate leader go hand in hand.

And so that was what I think would make an ideal job for me in the future. It’s as simple as that and many would agree with me that these expectations are basic yet very necessary.

(Sample by Ms Lưu Nguyên Nhung – Giáo viên The IELTS Workshop Hà Nội)

Từ vựng và cách diễn đạt (Vocabulary Highlight)

  • cubicles: chỗ làm việc (chia ngăn)
  • restlessly (adv): không ngừng nghỉ
  • occupation (v): nghề nghiệp
  • component (n): thành tố
  • provide for sb (v): duy trì cuộc sống
  • nurture (v): nuôi dưỡng
  • aspect (n): khía cạnh
  • pay (n): tiền lương
  • job offer (n): lời mời làm việc
  • materialistic (v): trọng vật chất
  • be tasked with: được giao nhiệm vụ gì đó
  • dimly lit: tù mù
  • suffice it to say: đủ để nói rằng
  • function (v): vận hành/ hoạt động
  • be hindered: bị cản trở
  • come across (phrasal verb): lướt qua
  • paper (n): tài liệu nghiên cứu
  • facet (n): khía cạnh
  • core value (n): giá trị cốt lõi
  • repetitive: lặp đi lặp lại
  • progress the corporate lader: thăng tiến trong công việc
  • go hand in hand (idm): quan hệ mật thiết

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