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Sau Part 2: Describe a good services, thí sinh IELTS sẽ bước vào phần thi cuối với với một số câu hỏi về chủ đề SERVICES. Dưới đây là hướng dẫn trả lời từ The IELTS Workshop để bạn tham khảo cho chủ đề này trong phần thi IELTS Speaking Part 3

1. Is it important for companies to have a good relationship with their customers?

It is. According to a lot of research from the biggest companies in the world, a large proportion of revenues comes from repeat customers. This makes sense since people these days are too busy to search for information about a new business. So, they tend to stick to ones that they already had satisfying experiences with. When an enterprise can build trust in their customers, they are more likely to return for following purchases and suggest the brand to their friends.

  • repeat customer (n) khách hàng trung thành
  • stick to (v) trung thành với
  • build trust (v) xây dựng lòng tin

2. What kind of services do people expect to receive from a big company?

In my opinion, a big company should have customers’ best interests at heart. The purchasing process commences when a consumer enters a store and continues during the time he uses the product. If the sales assistant is well-trained and well-informed about what he sells, it is easier for the buyer to make up his mind. Then, after-sales service should be paid attention to. When the customer meets difficulties using the product, customer service staff should be there to address the problems as soon as possible.

  • have sth at heart (phrase) hiểu rõ về cái gì
  • commence (v) bắt đầu
  • make up one’s mind (phrase): đưa ra quyết định
  • after-sale service (n) dịch vụ hậu mãi

3. What kinds of jobs involve coping with the public?

They are in the Public Relations Department of a company. Their duties are maintaining the relations and understanding between the firm and the public. This department plays an important role in delivering messages of the organization to the public and also handling crises. 

  • to play an important role: có vai trò quan trọng
  • handle crisis: xử lí khủng hoảng

4. Why should companies react quickly when customers have difficulties?

Firstly, people pay for products or services, so they’re entitled to fully enjoy what they purchase. Secondly, when a customer files a complaint, a slow response could result in anger and frustration. He then might take advantage of social media to demonstrate the disappointment. Rumours fly, and the reputation of the brand can be tarnished in a day or two. This is the reason why these days, big companies pay a lot of attention to customer satisfaction.

  • be entitled to: được phép
  • file a complaint: đưa ra lời khiếu nại
  • rumours fly (phrase) tiếng đồn đi xa
  • reputation (n) danh tiếng
  • be tarnished: bị hủy hoại

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