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Tại chuyên mục giải đề IELTS Speaking lần này, thầy Trung Đức và thầy Vĩnh Phong của The IELTS Workshop sẽ hướng dẫn cách trả lời câu hỏi của Topic: WEBSITES IELTS Speaking Part 1. Cùng tham khảo sample, từ vựng theo chủ đề và một vài cách diễn đạt ghi điểm nhé.

1. What kinds of websites do you often visit?
2. What is your favorite website?
3. Are there any changes to the websites you often visit?
4. What kinds of websites are popular in your country?

Websites IELTS Speaking Part 1 – Câu trả lời mẫu (Sample Answer)

Dưới đây là hai cách trả lời mẫu đến từ thầy Trung Đức (Giáo viên tại The IELTS Workshop HN) và thầy Vĩnh Phong (Giáo viên tại The IELTS Workshop TP.HCM) mà bạn có thể tham khảo cho Topic: Websites.

1. What kinds of websites do you often visit?

Sample 1: Definitely Google. Well, visiting this website at the beginning of the day to check important information is my morning ritual. This would ensure I would never miss a deadline and other important events.

Sample 2: I must admit I go on social media more often than not. That said, the content there is not really legit, so I don’t get my news from there. I often just school down to see what my friends are up to

  • More often than not = often
  • That said = but
  • Legit = real
  • Be up to = be doing

2. What is your favorite website?

Sample 1: My go-to website is Netflix, which is pretty much like an online movie streaming platform. The user-friendly watching interface is provided, in the sense that the web provides watchers with all the movies’ genres and trailers, which is very handy I’d say. Another thing that I’m big on this website is that it is completely ad-free, which makes your movie experience uninterrupted.

  • Go-to: ưa thích
  • Online movie streaming platform: nền tảng xem phim trực tuyến
  • Interface: giao diện
  • Handy: có ích
  • Ad-free: không có chứa quảng cáo

Sample 2: My go-to website is reddit. I wouldn’t think twice about it. Reddit is another type of social media but what’s great about it is it allows you to be anonymous. So, you can voice your opinion without the fear of being judged.

  • Go-to = favorite
  • I wouldn’t think twice about it = I’m sure
  • Anonymous = no one knows who you are
  • Voice your opinion = say what you think

3. Are there any changes to the websites you often visit?

Sample 1: Yeah, some of my favorite websites do get revamped very often, especially in terms of content. Youtube is a case in point, you know. I mean, in terms of graphic design or layout, there wouldn’t be much of a change. But you do see different suggested videos every time you visit the web, which encourages you to watch more.

  • Revamped: được chỉnh sửa, sắp xếp lại
  • A case in point: một ví dụ điển hình
  • Graphic design: thiết kế đồ họa
  • Layout: bố cục

Sample 2: Well, the core identity of reddit remains unchanged over the years. It’s still largely anonymous and is a safe platform for people to discuss. Mind you, recently I’ve come across a mental health counseling service on reddit. Basically, it allows you to give mental help to any users that you feel are in need of counseling services.

  • Mind you = but
  • Come across = find something by chance
  • Counseling service = a service where caller can seek advice from experts

4. What kinds of websites are popular in your country?

Sample 1: I guess there is a mixed variety of websites that are ubiquitous in Vietnam. But taking the current Covid-19 pandemic into account, the most frequently accessed one would be the Ministry of Health Portal. People are more health-conscious than ever these days and they access the website to know how to take care of their health should something go wrong. Based on my observation, the number of guest visits used to peak at a thousand at a time.

  • Ubiquitous: phổ biến
  • Frequently accessed: được truy cập thường xuyên
  • Health-conscious: quan tâm đến sức khỏe

Sample 2: I reckon social media are all the rage. I mean, everyone has an account, from a 4year-old to older generations. Interestingly, last week, I befriended my granddad and he has been updating pictures of my hometown from the 1990s. I must admit the older groups can really spice social media up.

  • All the rage = popular
  • Befriend = become friend with
  • Spice sth up = make sth more interesting

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