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Câu hỏi mẫu cho Flower IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. What kinds of flowers do you know?
2. Are there any flowers that have special meanings in Vietnam?
3. Have you planted any flowers?
4. Have you sent flowers to anyone?

Câu trả lời mẫu (Sample Answer) Flower IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. What kinds of flowers do you know?

To be honest I’m not an anthophile so I don’t know much about flowers. If I have to name a few types, the first that springs to my mind would be rose. You know rose is one of the most popular flowers there is. People regard rose as a symbol of love. That’s why they buy this flower on Valentine’s day and give it to the person they have a feeling for. Besides, there are daisy, lily, lotus and a bunch of others, each embodying different qualities and meanings which I’m clueless about, sadly.

  • Anthophile (n) = someone who loves flowers: người yêu hoa
  • To spring to one’s mind: nảy ra (trong đầu ai đó)
  • To regard sth as sth: coi cái gì đó như là…
  • To embody: biểu hiện, hiện thân, tượng trưng cho…
  • To have a feeling for: yêu thích ai/cái gì…

2. Are there any flowers that have special meanings in Vietnam?

According to my very limited knowledge about flora, lotus is the flower representing our country Vietnam because of its divine and elegant beauty. The lotus is often cited in Vietnamese folk songs and poems as an exquisite flower symbolizing purity, commitment and optimism of the future because it is the flower that grows in muddy water but rises above the surface to gorgeously bloom. For this reason, the lotus is voted as our national flower and it is undoubtedly endorsed by the majority of Vietnamese people.

  • Flora (n) thực vật
  • Exquisite (adj) thanh tú, tuyệt đẹp
  • To be cited: được trích dẫn
  • To be endorsed: được chứng nhận

3. Have you planted any flowers?

As confessed I’m not into flowers. I just don’t find them gorgeous like my mom and sister so anything that has to do with flowers is simply not my thing, whether it be buying flowers or planting ones. But I would say if I have some time to spare in the near future, I will do it. I believe the process of growing a plant could be therapeutic as you watch a seed germinates and gradually blooms, becoming a beautiful fully grown organism.

  • Therapeutic (adj) có tác dụng chữa bệnh
  • To germinate: nảy mầm
  • To bloom: nở rộ
  • To have some time to spare (phrase) có thời gian rảnh
  • To be into sth: thích gì

4. Have you sent flowers to anyone?

People give flowers to others on different occasions as a present, but I usually opt for more practical options, money, for example. You know flowers are generally ephemeral and are used for decorating purposes only, which I deem a waste of money. I once sent a bouquet of imitation flowers to my friends on their wedding anniversary instead and we both actually love that idea. Imitation flowers are more long-lasting and beautiful, just like my friend’s marriage.

  • Ephemeral (adj) phù du, sớm nở tối tàn
  • A bouquet of flowers: một bó hoa (được trang trí đẹp để tặng)
  • To opt for: nghiêng về
  • To deem: cho là/coi là
  • Imitation flower/Artificial flower: hoa giả (lưu ý không dùng fake flower)

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