Bộ đề dự đoán IELTS Speaking quý 1 (tháng 1/2023 – tháng 4/2023)

Việc luyện tập các chủ đề trong Speaking sẽ giúp bạn cải thiện tốt và chuẩn bị vững vàng tâm lý trong luyện thi IELTS. Trong bài viết dưới đây, The IELTS Workshop sẽ cập nhật các chủ đề mới có thể xuất hiện trong kỳ thi IELTS Speaking từ tháng 1 – tháng 4 (tức bộ Forecast Speaking quý 1 năm 2023).

Bộ đề Forecast Speaking quý 1 2023

Bộ Forecast Speaking quý 1/2023 sẽ giữ lại khoảng 60 – 70% chủ đề cũ từ bộ đề quý 3 năm 2022 và thêm 30 – 40% chủ đề mới. Ngoài ra, bạn cũng có thể theo dõi các đề thi thật hàng tuần (khi được đi thi thì chính các bạn học viên TIW đi thi về cập nhật). Tất cả sẽ được tổng hợp tại LINK cuối bài viết.


1. What do you usually do on the weekend?

2. What did you do last weekend?

3. Do you make plans for your weekend?

4. Do you enjoy your weekends now more than you did when you were a child?


1. Do you like wearing T-shirts?

2. How often do you wear T-shirts?

3. Do you like T-shirts with pictures or prints?

4. Do you think older people who wear T-shirts are fashionable?

5. Would you buy T-shirts as souvenirs on vacation?

Staying up late

1. How often do you stay up late?

2. Did you stay up late when you were a kid?

3. What do you do when you stay up late?

4. What does it feel like the next morning when you stay up late?

Small Business

1. How often do you shop at small businesses?

2. Do you prefer buying things from small businesses or big businesses?

3. Are there many small businesses where you live?

4. Would you prefer to work for a small business or a large business?


1.  Where do you go to school?

2. Do you go to a good school?

3. Is there anything you want to change about your school?

4. Do you like your current learning atmosphere?

5. What are the differences between your school and other schools?

6. Is there anything you want to change about your school?

Outer space and stars

1. Have you ever learnt about outer space and stars?

2. Do you think it’s important to study the stars?

3. Would you like to travel to outer space?

4. How important is studying the stars considered in your country?


1. What music do you like?

2. What music do you dislike?

3. Do you often listen to one type of music?

4. What music do your friends like? Do you enjoy the same type of music?

5. What is the most popular type of music where you live?

6. Which singer or musician would you like to see in person?


1. Do you often go to the library?

2. What do you usually do in the library?

3. Did you go to the library when you were a child?

4. Do Vietnamese kids often go to the library?


1. Do you always bring a lot of keys with you?

2. Have you ever lost your keys?

3. Do you often forget the key and lock yourself out?

4. Do you think it’s a good idea to leave your keys with a neighbor?


1. Do you often wear jewelry?

2. What type of jewelry do you like?

3. Do you usually buy jewelry? 

4. Why do you think some people wear a piece of jewelry for a long time?

Happy things

1. Is there anything that has made you feel happy lately?

2. What made you happy when you were little?

3. What do you think will make you happy in the future?

4. When do you feel happy at work? Why?

5. Do you feel happy when buying new things?

6. Do you think people are happy when buying new things?


1. Do you like eating chocolate? Why or why not?

2. How often do you eat chocolate?

3. Did you often eat chocolate when you were a kid?

4. Why do you think chocolate is popular around the world?

5. What’s your favorite flavor?

6. Do you think it is good to use chocolate as gifts to others?

Forecast Speaking Part 2 & 3 quý 1/2023

Describe an interesting old person you met

You should say:

Who this person is

Where/when you met this person

What you did with this person

And explain why you think this person is interesting

Part 3

1. Do you think old people and young people can share interests?

2. What can old people teach young people?

3. Is it easy for young people and old people to make friends with each other?

4. Are there benefits when one person is interested in another person? Why? 

5. Do you think people are more selfish or self-centered now than in the past?

6. What benefits can people get if they are self-centered?

Describe a person you have met who you want to work or study with

You should say:

Who this person is

How you met this person

How long you have known him/her

And explain why you want to work/study with him/her

Part 3

1. Why should children be kind to their classmates?

2. Can children choose their deskmate?

3. What matters most about a colleague’s personality?

4. Are good colleagues important at work?

5. What kind of people are popular at work?

6. Are knowledgeable people popular at work?

Describe something you would like to learn in the future

You should say:

What it is

How you would like to learn it

Why you would like to learn it

And explain whether it’s difficult to learn it

Part 3

1. What’s the most popular thing to learn nowadays?

2. At what age should children start making their own decisions? Why?

3. Which influences young people more when choosing a course, income or interest?

4. Do young people take their parents’ advice when choosing a major?

5. Besides parents, who else would people take advice from?

6. Why do some people prefer to study alone?

Describe a daily routine that you enjoy

You should say:

What it is

Where and when you do it

Who you do it with

And explain why you enjoy it

Part 3

1. Should children have learning routines?

2. What are the advantages of children having a routine at school?

3. Does having a routine make kids feel more secure at school?

4. How do people’s routines differ on weekdays and weekends?

5. What daily routines do people have at home?

6. What are the differences between people’s daily routines now and in the last 15 years?

Describe a film character played by an actor or actress whom you admire

You should say:

Who he/she is

What he/she looks like

What kind of movies she/he appears in

And explain why you admire this person

Part 3

1. Are actors or actresses very interested in their work? Why?

2. Is being a professional actor or actress a good career?

3. What makes a good actor/actress?

4. What can children learn from acting?

5. What are the differences between actors or actresses who earn much and those who earn little?

6. What are the differences between acting in a theater and that in a film?

Describe a complaint you made and you were satisfied with the result

You should say:

When it happened

Who you complained to

What you complained about

And explain why you were satisfied with the result

Part 3

1. When are people more likely to make complaints?

2. What do people often complain about?

3. Which one is better when making a complaint, by talking or by writing?

4. Who are more likely to make complaints, older people or younger ones?

5. How would you react if you received poor service at a restaurant?

6. How do people often respond to poor customer service?

Describe an activity you enjoyed in your free time when you were young

You should say:

What it was

Where you did it

Who you did it with

And explain why you enjoyed it

Part 3

1. Is it important to have a break during work or study?

2. What sports do young people like to do now?

3. Are there more activities for young people now than 20 years ago?

4. Can most people balance work and life in Vietnam?

5. What activities do children and adults do nowadays?

6. Do adults and children have enough time for leisure activities nowadays?

Describe another city you would like to visit for a short time

You should say

Where the city is

Why you want to go there

Whom you will go there with

What you will do there

And explain why you would like to stay there for a short time

Part 3

1. Why do people sometimes go to other cities or other countries for travel?

2. Why are historical cities popular?

3. Why do places with historical attractions develop tourism more actively?

4. Why does living in tourist cities experience more noise?

5. Do most people like planned traveling?

6. Why is the noise pollution worse in tourism cities than in other cities?

Describe a time when someone gave you something that you really wanted

You should say:

What it was

When you received it

Who gave it to you

And explain why you wanted it so much

Part 3

1. Should employees have their own goals?

2. How should bosses reward employees?

3. What kinds of gifts do young people like to receive as rewards?

4. How should children spend their allowance money?

5. Why do people like shopping more now than in the past?

6. Do you think shopping is good for a country’s economy?

Describe something you did that made you feel proud

You should say:

What it was

How you did it

What difficulty you had and how you solved it

And explain why you felt proud of it

Part 3

1. Which is more important, personal goals or work goals?

2. Have your life goals changed since your childhood?

3. Does everyone set goals for themselves?

4. What kinds of rewards are important at work?

5. Do you think material rewards are more important than other rewards at work?

6. What makes people feel proud of themselves?

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