Topic: Internet | Bài mẫu IELTS Speaking Part 1

Trong chuyên mục giải đề IELTS Speaking kỳ này, cùng The IELTS Workshop tham khảo cách giải Topic: Internet IELTS Speaking Part 1 qua bài mẫu của cô Khánh Minh. Cùng tham khảo sample, từ vựng theo chủ đề và một vài cách diễn đạt ghi điểm nhé.

Câu hỏi chủ đề Internet IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. When did you start using the internet?
2. How often do you go online?
3. How does the internet influence people?
4. Do you think you spend too much time online?
5. What would you do without the internet?

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Câu trả lời mẫu (Sample Answer) IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. When did you start using the internet? 

If I remember correctly, although I didn’t get my hand on an Internet-connected PC until I got to secondary school, I first used it when I was around 10. It was my aunt’s actually, and I used to borrow it from her whenever I came to visit. I mainly used it for entertainment purposes, such as playing arcade games or listening to music online. 

  • get my hand on: có được  

2. How often do you go online? 

I’m a bit of a heavy Internet user. I use the internet for various purposes, like working, checking emails, browsing social media, and watching YouTube videos. Even if I don’t look at the screen, I still stream music while doing other stuff, like taking a shower or vacuuming the floor. 

  • heavy Internet user: người dùng Internet thường xuyên 

3. How does the internet influence people? 

Quite significantly, and in many ways, I think. For one, it provides access to a vast amount of information, which helps us stay informed about current events. What’s more, social media platforms allow people to stay connected almost instantly with friends and family, even if they live far away, which was impossible a few decades ago. However, it can also have negative effects, like spreading misinformation and reducing face-to-face interactions. 

  • stay informed: được cập nhật 
  • Misinformation: thông tin sai lệch 
Internet IELTS Speaking Part 1 sample

4. Do you think you spend too much time online? 

Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time online, especially when I realize how quickly the hours pass when I’m browsing social media or watching videos. I try to balance my online activities with offline ones, like spending time with family and friends, reading books, or going for a run. Setting a screen time limit is also a good idea, though I must admit that I deliberately ignore the limit from time to time

  • Deliberately: cố tình 
  • from time to time: thỉnh thoảng 

5. What would you do without the internet? 

Without the internet, I think I would spend more time engaging in offline activities. I would probably read more books, play sports, and spend more time outdoors. I would also stay in touch with friends and family by seeing them in person rather than just making calls or texting via social media. While the internet is very convenient, I believe I would lead a more mindful and contented life without it. 

  • stay in touch: giữ liên lạc 
  • in person: trực tiếp gặp mặt  

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