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ielts speaking part 1 meeting places

Nói về Chủ đề MEETING PLACES trong bài thi IELTS Speaking , một số câu hỏi Part 1 mà thí sinh có thể gặp phải như:

  • Where is your favorite place to meet with your friends? 
  • Do you think there are some places more suitable for meeting with others? 
  • Are there any differences between your favorite meeting places in the present and in your childhood?
  • Why are some meeting places better than others?

Dưới đây là hai cách trả lời mẫu cho chủ đề Meeting Places đến từ thầy Nam Anh với Sample 1 (Giáo viên tại The IELTS Workshop HCM) và cô Thủy Ngô với Sample 2 (Giáo viên tại The IELTS Workshop HN). Bạn đọc có thể tham khảo bài mẫu phù hợp với bản thân mình nhé

1. Where is your favorite place to meet with your friends?

Sample 1: Without a doubt, that would be my house or theirs. We usually chip in and throw a party together whenever we get together and it’s more convenient that way, I guess.  But I must admit that we all juggle with a hectic schedule so getting together is quite a luxury.

  • without a doubt: không phải bàn cãi
  • chip in: hùn tiền
  • throw a party: tổ chức một bữa tiệc
  • juggle with a hectic schedule: quay cuồng trong công việc
  • quite a luxury: là một thứ xa xỉ

Sample 2: Well, I’d say I spend the most time catching up with my friends in coffee shops. We enjoy taking pictures of ourselves in fantastic backgrounds.

  • Catch up with: bắt kịp với
  • Take pictures of something: chụp ảnh cái gì

2. Do you think there are some places more suitable for meeting with others?

Sample 1: To my mind, it all comes down to how formal the meetings are. For casual occasions, I guess cafés are great because they are pretty chilled out. For conferences and dates, restaurants or any fancier venues make more sense for sure.

  • To my mind: theo quan điểm cá nhân
  • casual occasions: những cuộc gặp không trang trọng
  • chilled out: thoải mái
  • conferences and dates: hội nghị và hẹn hò
  • make more sense for sure: chắc chắn là hợp lý hơn

Sample 2: Absolutely. But I think it really depends on the type of meeting. If it’s formal, for example, it has something to do with business, then a formal restaurant or a function room in a hotel would be best. However, if it’s not, I think any type of restaurant or cafe will do, especially if one is just hanging out with his/her closest friends.

  • It really depends: nó thực sự phụ thuộc
  • Function room: phòng chức năng
  • Hang out: đi chơi

3. Are there any differences between your favorite meeting places in the present and in your childhood?

Sample 1: When I was a kid, I spent hours playing hide and seek and soccer with my gang on the street. As an adult, I fancy quieter and more comfortable places, like a coffee shop you know, where I can have a talk with my friends or sometimes negotiate with my clients.

  • my gang: hội nhóm
  • fancy: thích
  • clients: khách hàng

Sample 2: When I was young, places like public parks and big noisy venues were favorite places to hang out for many people, but now quieter and more comfortable settings are preferred. Those small coffee shops specializing in serving coffee and desserts with a small dining room are my current favorites.

  • Venue: địa điểm
  • Specialize in: chuyên về

4. Why are some meeting places better than others?

Sample 1: I think some places have that vibe that really allows you to convey conversations more easily. I bet no one would be willing to have a meeting at dull, boring venues right. And I guess foods, beverages and services are kinda important too.

  • vibe: cảm xúc, tâm trạng 
  • convey conversations more easily: trò chuyện dễ dàng hơn
  • I bet: tôi chắc là
  • boring venues right: những chỗ nhàm chán

Sample 2: Well, I guess that’s because of the place and its services. Meeting places that are pleasantly comfortable and cozy can lighten the mood of the visitors. Not only that, the food and drinks are exceptional, and the customer service is beyond compare.  People love going to these types of places every now and again because they want the experience of the place which others can’t provide.

  • Cozy: ấm áp
  • Lightens the mood of: làm dịu tâm trạng 
  • Exceptional: đặc biệt
  • Beyond compare: không thể so sánh

Bài mẫu bởi thầy Nam Anh & cô Thủy Ngô – Giáo viên tại The IELTS Workshop

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