[Band 8+] Someone who has a important influence on your life – IELTS Speaking Part 2 Sample

someone who has an important influence on your life

Nếu trong IELTS Speaking Part 2, bạn được hỏi “Describe someone who has had an important influence on your life” (người có ảnh hưởng quan trọng tới cuộc sống của bạn) thì đó sẽ là ai?

Nhân ngày Quốc tế Phụ nữ 8/3, The IELTS Workshop (TIW) và thầy giáo Đặng Trần Tùng xin mượn chủ đề này để tôn vinh một nửa của thế giới – những người phụ nữ tuyệt vời – thông qua bài nói sau đây.

Bài mẫu (Sample Answer)

Xem đầy đủ phần trình bày Speaking Part 2 – Describe someone who has an important influence on your life

“Okay, so this is a tricky question because (1) I’ve had the good fortune to (2) rub shoulders and eventually become close friends with a lot of inspiring and talented individuals – too many to count in fact – who have very original perspectives and whose (3) incendiary talents never fail to (4) galvanize me into becoming a better person immediately after talking with them. So to (5) single out one particular person who has positively influenced my life is almost impossible. So instead, I’m not going to talk about just one person, I’m going to talk about a group of people that have a huge part to play in molding me into the person that I am today. 

It is the women in my life. 

Let’s start with obviously the one who gave birth to me, my mom. She is one of the most hard working and (6) enterprising people that I know. She’s retired now, but when she was working she would always wake up super early, and even after a day of (7) hard toil she still (8) mustered up the strength to cook us dinner. I mean, her cooking is not the greatest – I’ll readily admit – but she always (9) went out of her way to make sure we were properly fed.

Then of course, there’re the female friends in my life: my business partner, my colleagues, my personal friends – people whom I work with daily and whose (10) work ethics never fail to inspire me. In my experience, women are both thinkers and doers whereas I am only (11) capable of doing one thing at a time. In my experience, female workers and female leaders are (12) a force to be reckoned with, and I am so happy to be working alongside so many of them everyday.  

And I would be (13) remiss if I did not mention a woman in the making – my own daughter – who I know will grow up to be a fine lady herself. She’s just (14) a winsome (15) ball of positivity. She taught me to be patient, she taught me to love deeply and to give freely. She (16) turned my life upside down in the best way possible, and I don’t know where I would be without her.”

(Sample by Mr. Dang Tran Tung, 9.0 IELTS)

*** This speaking sample is not intended for people to memorize and repeat all of its content.  The main goal is to encourage them to speak at length until being stopped by the examiner***

Từ vựng và cấu trúc (Vocabulary Highlight)

  1. to have the good fortune to do sth: may mắn được làm gì đó 
  2. to rub shoulders with sb: làm quen, trò chuyện với ai đó 
  3. incendiary (adj) bốc lửa, ấn tượng
  4. galvanize sb into sth: khiến ai đó có cảm hứng làm gì đấy
  5. to single out sb/ sth: chọn ra một người hoặc cái gì đặc biệt
  6. enterprising (adj) chủ động, tháo vát, nhạy bén
  7. toil (n) sự lao động cần cù, làm việc quần quật
  8. to muster up: cố nặn ra một cái gì đó (năng lượng hoặc cảm xúc)
  9. to go out of sb’s way to do sth: cố hết sức làm gì đó cho ai khác
  10. work ethics (n) tác phong làm việc
  11. to be capable of doing sth: có khả năng làm gì
  12. a force to be reckoned with (phrase): quyền lực, đáng phải nể sợ
  13. to remiss: thiết sót
  14. winsome (adj) đáng yêu (đặc biệt khi giống trẻ con)
  15. a ball of + noun (phrase) (dùng để mô tả người với nghĩa tích cực) ai đó toát ra cảm giác gì, (e.g. a ball of joy: một người với nhiều sự vui vẻ, a ball of positivity: một người với nhiều năng lượng tích cực)
  16. to turn sb upside down: khiến ai thay đổi hoàn toàn, khiến cuộc sống của ai đảo lộn

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