IELTS CAMBRIDGE 16 Writing Task 1 Sample: ‘Sugar Cane’

ielts cambridge 16 writing task 1

Dưới đây là hướng dẫn giải cho bài IELTS Writing Task 1 – ‘Sugar Cane’ trong cuốn Cambridge 16 mới nhất và bài mẫu sample cho dạng Process của thầy Duy Long (8.5 IELTS Overall) của The IELTS Workshop.

Outline bài viết

IntroductionParaphrase đề bài
OverviewNêu ra các nhận xét chung
Body paragraph 1Step 1-2
Body paragraph 2Step 3-7

Hướng dẫn viết mở bài & overview

Mở bài – Opening

Ở phần Opening, ta sẽ paraphrase đề bài một cách ngắn gọn nhất (chỉ nên trong một câu văn)

The given process details how sugar is manufactured from sugar canes.


Trong phần này, ta sẽ đưa ra 2 câu về nhận xét chung và nhận xét cụ thể

  • general comment: no. of steps/phases (số bước) + main steps (harvesting, crushing, separating)
  • in-depth comment: 1 ingredient >< capital-intensive

Overall, a total of seven steps is seen from the production, including harvesting, crushing and separating. It is also evident that manufacturing sugar from sugar canes is a capital-intensive process, despite using only one ingredient.

Hướng dẫn viết thân bài (Body)

Body 1 (Step 1-2)

  • sugar canes: 1-15 years before they can be harvested
  • harvesting: performed manually using a sickle or done by an Industrial/specialised reaper

To begin, sugar canes take 1 to 1.5 years to grow before they are ready for harvest. This stage could be performed in two different methods, either manually using a sickle or by an industrial reaper.

  • stickle: liềm
  • industrial/specialized reaper: máy gặt công nghiệp/chuyên dụng

Body 2 (Step 3-7)

  • machine-pressed: to extract the juice
  • juice: passed through a filter made of limestone – eliminate any unwanted substance/residue
  • filtered/purified juice put under heat, so that moisture evaporates & juice thickens into a syrup
  • syrup: sent/transferred into a centrifuge, which rotates at a very high speed sugar crystals are separated from the liquid due to difference in density
  • sugar: dried and cooled

Once collected, the sugar canes are machine-pressed in order to extract the juice. This juice is then passed through a filter made of limestone so that any unwanted substance is eliminated. The next stage involves evaporation, in which the filtered sugar cane juice is put under heat and therefore thickens into a syrup. Subsequently, the syrup is transferred into a centrifuge, which rotates at a very high speed so that sugar crystals are separated from the liquid due to differences in density. In the final step, the sugar is dried and cooled, ready for packaging and sale.

  • substance: vật chất
  • residue: bã, cặn
  • evaporate: bay hơi
  • thicken: cô đọng

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