20 Phrasal verb thường gặp về chủ đề Education

phrasal verb chủ đề education

Bài viết đầu tiên trong series Phrasal verb theo chủ đề sẽ chia sẻ về topic Education (Giáo dục). Bạn có thể xem đầy đủ tại bài viết TỔNG HỢP PHRASAL VERB THÔNG DỤNG.

Các phrasal verb thường gặp chủ đề Education

hand innộpThe teacher wants us to hand in our homework before Saturday.
hand outđưa choThe class president will hand out each of you a worksheet.
work outtìm ra, làmYou need to work out the answer without using a calculator.
cross outgạch bỏ, xóaRemember to cross out all the wrong answers.
break up
go back
tạm dừng, tạm nghỉ
đi học lại
We’ll break up on January 15 and go back on February 2 – so we have a 2-week holiday.
sign upđăng ký, ghi danhDon’t forget to sign up for the Physics course before Monday.
brush up onôn tập lạiBrush up on the things you learn 3 months ago, or you’ll forget it all.
scrape throughvượt qua (thường một cách khó khăn)I might scrape through the exam if I’m lucky.
miss outbỏ lỡ, bỏ quaPlease be careful not to miss out on any question on the exam
play upcư xử tồi tệSome students often play up when the teacher’s new
write outviết ra (1 cách chi tiết)Do your essay in rough first before write it out.
jot downtốc kýJot down her information before she deletes it.
fill inđiền vào (thường đề cập đến từng phần)Please fill in the blank.
drop outbỏ (giữa chừng)If you drop out before the lecture ends, it doesn’t count.
mug uphọc vội (thường là trước kỳ thi)Don’t just mug up on the key points and hope that you’ll pass the exam.
turn overlật, giở (sách)Now, turn over page 32 and read it out loud.
read outđọc (thành tiếng)Now, turn over page 32 and read it out loud.
fall behindtụt lại (phía sau)He was ill for weeks so he fell behind with his schoolwork.
mess uplàm hỏngI messed up my exam and got only 5/10.

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