15 Phrasal verb thông dụng về chủ đề Food & Drink

phrasal verb chủ đề food

Trong series Phrasal Verb theo chủ đề lần này, chúng ta sẽ cùng tìm hiểu 15 phrasal verb thường gặp cho chủ đề Food & Drink (Đồ ăn & Thức uống).

Phrasal verb chủ đề Food

go offhỏng, ôi, thiuThe milk smells bad. I think it goes off.
thaw sth outrã đôngRemove the fish from the freezer and thaw it out.
put sth onbắt đầu nấu (món gì)I’ll make sure to put the chicken on and make some salad.
heat upmake it hotMake sure to heat the pizza up before you eat it.
boil overtràn (khi sôi)Make sure not to let the soup boil over.
hand aroundchia đồ ăn/thức uốngNo one’s eating cookies. Shall I hand them around?
pour outlàm đầy cốc/chén bằng chất lỏngWhen the guest’s here, I’ll pour out the champaign.
top uplàm đầy lạiThe bartender went round the room topping up glasses.
go with(đồ ăn) hợp với nhauYou should try egg sandwiches with mayo, they go really well together.
be left overcòn thừa lạiThe customers really enjoyed the dinner. Nothing was left over.
live on/offchỉ ăn duy nhất 1 loại thực phẩmYou cannot live on salad, eat some more protein and rice.
eat outđi ăn ngoàiMy family decided to eat out on my parents’ 10th anniversary.
pick atăn 1 lượng nhỏIt’s better to have big meals than just picking at things all days.
gobble downăn vội, nuốt vộiGobbling down food will not do good for your digestion.
send out forgọi đồ ăn ngoàiYou can cook yourself or send out for some food instead of going out.

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