Topic: News | Bài mẫu + Từ vựng IELTS Speaking Part 1

Trong chuyên mục giải đề IELTS Speaking kỳ này, cùng tham khảo cách giải chủ đề: News IELTS Speaking Part 1 qua bài mẫu của cô Mai Linh từ The IELTS Workshop. Cùng tham khảo sample, đừng quên take-note lại những từ vựng và cấu trúc ngữ pháp ghi điểm nhé.

Câu hỏi chủ đề News IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Are you interested in news?
2. How do you usually find news?
3. How do your friends get news?
4. Have you read the news this morning?
5. Do you often talk with your friends about the news?

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Câu trả lời mẫu (Sample Answer) News – IELTS Speaking Part 1

1. Are you interested in news? 

Absolutely. Staying informed about current events is important to me. I enjoy keeping up with a wide range of topics, from global politics and economics to scientific advancements and cultural trends. It helps me understand the world better and engage in meaningful conversations. Plus, it’s fascinating to see how different events and developments can interconnect and influence each other. 

  • stay informed about something (v) cập nhật tin tức về (cái gì đó) 
  • keep up with something (v) bắt kịp với (cái gì đó/ một xu hướng nào đó) 
  • engage in a conversation (v) tham gia vào một cuộc hội thoại 

2. How do you usually find news? 

I would say social media and electronic newspapers are great sources of information. I always make sure I keep myself updated with the latest events in my country and in the world by surfing all over the social media newsfeed and e-new platforms. Sometimes, news is spread by word of mouth, so I get to know it without having to consciously look for it.

  • e-news platform (n) nền tảng báo trực tuyến 
  • word of mouth: truyền miệng 

3. How do your friends get news? 

My friends use lots of methods to keep up with current events, such as surfing social media newsfeed, visiting major news websites or asking for news from others. I think social media is the most popular among my friends for news as they spend most of their time online on networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. 

  • visit news websites (v) truy cập các trang báo mạng 
news ielts speaking part 1 sample

4. Have you read the news this morning? 

I did, as usual. I always start a day by some pieces of latest news, either local or national ones. The highlights of this morning’s news are the plunge in gold prices, the defeat of the Ukrainian army by Russia’s in Eastern Ukraine, and humanitarian challenges in the Gaza Strip. Can’t wait to see how everything will turn out.

  • latest news (n) tin tức mới nhất  

5. Do you often talk with your friends about the news? 

I do, quite often indeed. Discussing the news with friends is something I find both engaging and enlightening because it helps me gain different perspectives and understand how various issues impact people differently. However, the choice of which pieces of news to talk about depends largely on who I’m talking to and what they are personally interested in. For example, it would be unreasonable if I force one fascinated about sports to discuss history-related articles. 

  • enlightening (adj) mang tính khai sáng 

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